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May. 23rd, 2017 10:34 am
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I am very much worried about Nero. Right now he's at Dr Ebers' and there's probably going to be bloodwork and x-rays and I am worried about the big lug. I love that cat. He has come so far in such a short time from the cat he had been. He loves having his ears scratched and his head kissed and sleeping between me and his human. (I'm his human's human. That's about how he puts up with me.)

I want him to be okay.

I am currently avoiding all the panic that is percolating in my brain by watching Survival Lilly on YouTube in Austria build herself outdoor shelters. It helps. (She also has an adorable dog that loves to wallow in dirt and leaves.) It's very interesting to see how people in Europe build outdoor shelters versus what you would down here in South Mississippi. There you can use conifer branches and whatnot, but here it's more pine brances and they don't work well or cedar and that's sometimes hard to find where you can reach it.

We had water in the house again since it rained a lot.

Crown List was last weekend. It was held at the State Park near Shreveport - we have James and Joan as Prince and Princess again. I need to go do some research for their names because they don't have registered names or devices. I put up my canopy for the first time and I need to seal the seams on it. Wow do I. I also made a Lemon Bliss Cake and it was fine. Gaius made a deep-fried turkey for his Crown List people and shared with us other Heralds and that and my cake were divine. My Heraldic Boss (Brendan) fell in love with my large thick felt hat. If you wear glasses, a thick felt hat is wonderful because it keeps your glasses from getting spotty in the rain. Brent bought it several years ago at Acadiana or Scharborough Fair.

I should never get a top bunk again. It gets very difficult to get up and down from there.

I got a mole removed yesterday. Dr Rose is pretty sure there isn't anything wrong with it; it was one of those moles that's right at the waistband of your underwear or trousers or skirts and always gets rubbed on so it itches or gets rubbed raw occasionally. (I hate those moles.) So she took it right off then and there. I like lidocaine - yes, it stings at first, but then the lidocaine makes the sting of the lidocaine go away. Win win!

Low-bandwidth reading page

May. 21st, 2017 09:59 am
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I read from this link

Which has no graphics at all, and when you click through you're automatically in style=light

(And if a post doesn't have a title, then this displays the initial words of the body.)

WisCon Contact Post

May. 20th, 2017 01:40 pm
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Hello there! Anything you write in a reply to this magic post will only be visible to you and me.

I'll be panelling 9:45 to 11:30 on Saturday, otherwise my schedule is open.

Let's make a plan!

If you want to contact me during the con, you can also direct-message me on Twitter [ profile] jesse_the_k

I look quite a lot like my icon, but tragically no Bella at the hotel.

See you there!

say i won't return

May. 17th, 2017 01:38 pm
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I discovered something about myself today as I was driving to the OB-GYN (which is why I'm day drinking as well). If you set me on the Interstate and tell me to drive, I will be utterly bored within a mile. Dangerously bored. However, if you put me on a state highway that has changes (hills, turns, twists, etc), I'm happier'n pig in muck. I like to drive when I have to work against the terrain. (Off roading, for me, is glorious.)

here there be medical talk )

Actually Luzula Did It

May. 17th, 2017 10:26 am
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If you're any kind of dog person, check out [personal profile] luzula's fabulous photos of a recent dog sled adventure:
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Found three nifty resources as I was preparing for my WisCon panel (NEXT WEEK!)

Beyond the Fix or How Do I Live this F*ing Life?
10am Saturday in C5 second floor
virtually #BeyondTheFix on Twitter

I’m thrilled about these rockstar panelists:
Elena Tabachnick (M), Kate Carey, Shayla Dunn, and Lenore Jean Jones1

Full WisCon Schedule:

check out Jess Jacobs, Insickness Podcast, and Fully Sick )

Insight from the Fat Nutritionist

May. 15th, 2017 01:48 pm
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The Fat Nutritionist, aka Michelle Allison, is a smart thinker and clear writer. Her education and experience as a Registered Dietician and fat woman illuminate her understanding of dieting harms and how to move forward into “competent eating.”

CN: why diet talk is so horrible )

eta link fixed

beat it like a hammer

May. 15th, 2017 09:00 am
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Brent bought me the Alien Quadrilogy on DVD because it was $12 and I'd never seen Alien3 or Alien Resurrection. We were watching and I noted a few things about Ripley in Resurrection and my sweet, lovely, very truthful husband goggled at me.

Husbandthing: 'What do you mean, you'd never do that? YOU DO THAT EVERY DAY.'
Me: 'What?!'
H: 'My lovely wife, you are not and have never been Chaotic Neutral. It's time for you to know the truth. You are Neutral Evil.'
M: 'But I don't follow through on evil!'
H: 'No, that's because you have a Watching Dark.'

He promptly gave me the thesis on it, along with every single bit of documentation. He's such a Laurel's apprentice, ugh. We paused the movie and in the time it took the Blu-Ray player did the auto-shutoff along with the tv and we had to feed the cats. Over an hour. Seriously. Ugh.

And then I proved his point by cooing over the Queen and her offspring. Why does he have to be right. Just, why. >.<

Crown List is this weekend and I am making every dang list I can and then adding to it. It's a cabining unless you make arrangements with the park site, so I have more than usual to pack. I usually just go with sleeping bag, closed-cell foam pad, and one inch self-inflatable (the feeling of a root you didn't find in your hip is miserable, okay?) for sleeping in a tent. In a cabin, I need a little bit more because people keep the cabin frigid. More frigid than camping at BAM in November. Ugh.
I am also bringing a day shade for Heralds! My deputy, Moonestone, Diamond, and anyone else who wants to chill. I might have found a deputy for Moonestone..... :D I like knowing folks and encouraging folks to be HERALDS. Also, I tend to start shenanigans just by my teaching methods. (I know someone who's submitting "Purpure, a unicorn head erased and a bordure argent semy of lozenges azure". I give you three guesses and the first two don't count. MAUAHAHA.

Sometimes you have to get down in the trenches and teach with what you can. If it takes MLP:FiM or Coke labels or A Song of Ice and Fire (oh my gosh the lessons you can teach about contrast with that one), I'll use it.

My Bella baby Bella

May. 14th, 2017 04:43 pm
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I've been decidedly child-free since my first period. But I do love my dog! Bella loves us back.

She brings such enthusiasm to every encounter that I can't imagine tallying her favorite. Playing that deep strategy game "stick" is high on the list. I shot this video yesterday after she'd been running around the yard for at least 15 minutes straight.

That man is MyGuy. He picks up a stick and waves it in Bella's field of view.

Bella, a medium-size black dog with floppy prick ears, drops what she's doing. She leaps for and takes control of the stick, twirling about a bit.

MyGuy picks up the other stick, holds it out until Bella realizes, OMG! a STICK. She drops what she's doing, leaps for and takes control of the stick, twirling about a bit.

Repeat until exhausted.

eta: The password is "bella"

Use the password 'bella' to watch the vid )

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