Game of Thrones, Season Four, Episode One

Yes, this is up a bit late. It's not my fault: the Lannisters crashed HBO. (Really. This even ended up on the news.) Anyway, general, partly snarky reactions on the episode:

Spoilery for the episode. )
Game of Thrones, Season 3, Episode 10

Roofers around, so, communication today will likely be limited. In the meantime, have some quick notes about the last episode of this season of Game of Thrones.

Cut for spoilers for the entire season and minor spoilers for the rest of the books. Also, some discussion of the Great White Hope Bodysurfing Moment. )
I had some minor surgery yesterday morning which has left me pretty wiped. But before that, I took some general notes on the episode, which I forgot to post, so here you go:

Spoilers for Episode 6 and all five books. )
Game of Thrones


My current plan is to have a general discussion of the entire television series up in a couple of days, followed by individual discussions of the books as we approach the publication date of Dance With Dragons. Of course, this involves following a plan, never one of my strengths. So, a few brief comments about episode ten, with mild spoilers for the books, as a fill-in for the moment.

Fiery spoilers ahoy! )
Game of Thrones, episode 9

Some chatter about X-Men: First Class coming up as I get my thoughts together, but first, my untogether thoughts about Game of Thrones, episode 9, which you could tell was a great episode because we were all shouting at the screen. This was also the first episode that my brother thoroughly enjoyed. (He's enjoyed the others, mind you, but not as much as this one.)

Spoiler warnings. I'm trying very, very hard not to post anything but minor spoilers for stuff after this first book, but you have been warned. Also, these thoughts are really not in any particular order. You have also been warned. People who have read the books, please note that I've been informed that quite a few non-book readers are reading these posts, so let's avoid major spoilers like informing them about the alien invasion and laser gun shootout at King's Landing, ok?*

*(not an actual spoiler.)

Actual spoilers and dead horses. Sniffle about the horses. )
I...actually have very little to snark about either of these episodes; this show is definitely roaring into its very good phase. Which doesn't mean that I don't have a few comments, of course. Also, these comments do have mild spoilers for all four books, including Feast of Crows, book four; you have been warned.

Cut for spoilers for all four books and episodes 7 and 8 )
Game of Thrones

Episode 6! But first, a few words from my father, who would like to complain that what this show is really missing a nice introduction from Alistair Cooke, who would remind you what happened last week and set everything into a nice historical context. Which made me think of the nice polite Masterpiece Theatre version of this, with, of course, Derek Jacobi playing Varys.

But moving on!

Cut for spoilers. )
Yay! Despite the excitement of international conference calls, we did get through this episode!

Warning: mildly spoilery for all of the books, plus a very small spoiler for Dance of Dragons that already appeared on GRRM's blog, plus spoilers for all the episodes so far and sniffly comments about horsies. (SNIFFLE!)

We're all clear: spoilers ahead, right? )
So! Since I did the last episode late, I figured I'd throw my comments in about this one early! Warning for those reading this on tiny iPhone screens: comments are mildly spoilery for both the first AND the second book. The second book part isn't my fault: blame HBO for throwing it in there. And now, the comments!

All spoilery again. )
Whoops! Just realized that I hadn't gotten around to posting my various random thoughts on episode three of Game of Thrones, not to mention my random thoughts on Fringe, although I think I'll be saving the Fringe thoughts until the season actually ends. So, anyway, in no particular order, the various random thoughts on episode. To be clear even to those reading this on tiny iPhone screens, I may very well mention plot points from the first book:

Otherwise, cut for spoilers or for those who just don't care. )
Game of Thrones, Episode 2

This week, the sound worked! YAY! (And I must say, this is a much better show when you can hear the dialogue.) But because I was feeling sick and my brother was exhausted, we didn't hang around to chat about the episode, so pretty much all you're getting here are my thoughts here. And again, this isn't a formal review or anything, just a listing of various thoughts. Spoilery for the second episodes and the first book. )


Apr. 19th, 2011 11:30 am
Only one episode in, Game of Thrones has already been renewed for a second season.

Now to see if we can just convince them to greenlight a third season....What do you mean we'll probably have to wait to see how the entire first season does? What's with this whole "patience" thing, anyway?
So tonight I sat down to watch HBO's Game of Thrones with SP, a fantasy fan who has never read the books, and N, who's seen a few fantasy movies. Much to my surprise, all three of us had the same, deep, almost visceral reaction:


So terrible, in fact, that we decided to try to turn on the closed captioning, which, on Brighthouse HBO, turned out to be not as simple as, say, turning on the closed captioning. In fact, after you turn on the closed captioning, you must then perform a number of other steps, including contacting Brighthouse, spending some quality time with a Brighthouse representive, resetting the cable box, and then attempting to convince the TV that, really, yes, everyone watching speaks English, not Spanish. This in turn led to me spending some time translating the Spanish subtitles into English and then all of us rewatching bits of the show with the English closed captioning. At which point the viewing experience decidedly improved. However. These were not, as you can imagine, optimal viewing conditions, and I sincerely hope that HBO improves the sound quality on future episodes especially for those of us not viewing the show in surround sound conditions without multiple speakers.

On the bright side, kudos to HBO for providing what seems to be quite accurate and occasionally even poetic Spanish closed captioning! Moving on.

Spoilery for the first episode and mildly spoilery for the first book. )
Annalee Newitz, taking the correct response of actually thinking, rather than just sputtering in response, asks, really, why would men ever watch the Game of Thrones. Hilarious stuff.

Eat it, New York Times, indeed. (Statement stolen shamelessly from Twitter's Bryan Cogman.)

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