Jun. 2nd, 2013 11:13 am
So, after a coolness that lingered, to be fair, far longer than I could have expected, until May, summer has most definitely arrived.


And we aren't to the worst of it yet. (Hello, upcoming August and September.)

I once loved summer. And even now, I can still see its highlights: cheesy summer action movies. Cheap and abundant fruit. (Rumors that I turn into a watermelon in June and July are not entirely without basis. Also, cherries.) The heavy, pounding rains with the vicious lightning storms. The way everything pulses with growth.


For the last several years, Things Have Gone Badly in June. Very badly. I have reached the point where I can't exactly say I'm bracing for whatever will go wrong in June, just kinda resigned to whatever it will be. And for the last several years, summer means entrapment. Between the rains, the heat, and the dizziness, my ability to ride my beloved trike is greatly limited to early morning hours and the occasional rare late post-rain afternoon, when I'm lucky. The places I can reach on my own, without help, shrink. I generally have a lot more bad days in the summer. Rather than choosing to enjoy a lovely couch and bed and two fuzzy cats and the wonder that is the internet and watching the multiple birds and butterflies that have chosen to visit the yard, I am here.

Fortunately, our little downtown area, which I can still reach in the morning, has greatly expanded since I got here, offering several options. The library still offers many tempting books. I have one of those lovely lawn anti-gravity chairs where I can stretch my legs under a large tree which whispers, rest beneath my shade and dream of living things.

I just made some homemade ice cream, something I do only in the summer. Passion fruits are falling from the vines outside, and they require ice cream. Require it. And I'll be waiting to watch the heavy summer rains.
1. MY TRIKE OF AWESOMENESS IS BACK, EVERYONE! AND it has a shiny new motor AND the tires are all properly inflated AND the axle works AND it goes zip zip zip. I AM AWESOME AGAIN.

....of course once I got back I found out that I had, um, kinda left the bike chain and the combination lock in a major puddle AND um, kinda left the tarp in a crumpled state so that it had accumulated a small lake, but I think the shining sun will soon fix that.

2. The popcorn and fudge store agreed that this was a Fudge Worthy Moment.

3. I love Wheelworks, the bike store, but wow, on Saturdays it can be a bit intimidating -- the place caters to the sort of cyclists who casually drop in and say, oh, yes, did 100 miles today, or do sprint cycling (which is apparently different?) or have 12 bicycles AND four recumbent trikes and so on and can list about 300 bike trails without even thinking about it. I know so little about regular cycling that it is rather sad.

On the other hand these are the sorts of people (customers and staff) who can tell me, in detail, about composite materials (for an ultralight weight trike) and balance and wheel issues and work with enough disabled people that they can immediately recommend the right sort of gloves depending on needs.

4. I am making homemade vanilla ice cream.

5. Did I mention the sun is shining and life is pretty awesome?

(Sad, how dependent my mood is on this trike. And, well, ice cream. I know.)
I am tired, achy, a bit cranky, and have a very large hole in the bathroom ceiling. A hole that should - should - soon be fixed and filled with a large metal object that is intended to serve as a heater/fan, which is currently on the floor looking tremendously unlike anything other than something intended to trip people up and send them flying into the bathtub, which is, last I checked, not the intended use of a ceiling heater/fan.

Many of you will be shocked to hear that the services of a small black and white cat who would love to explore the attic and various holes in the ceiling and be of General Use have been firmly declined, doubtless greatly slowing the entire installation.

In other, better news the latest Narnia post is up at, and I have either - or both - chocolate and lemon ice cream on hand. (The new Haagen-Daas Lemon Five flavor. It explained, in what I could only call an honest and frank fashion, that it was afraid to be left in the grocery store next to all of the old flavours that would unquestionably eye it with resentment, so, I freed it. I'm kindly like that.) So, the evening has a few hopes for improvement.
Sleeeeeepppppppppy today. So you get a sleepy update.

Slowly, slowly the house comes together, bit by bit. Most of the trim is in; most of the main bathroom is together, except for the small issue of the sink. The previous sink actually worked just fine, but it was far too large for such a tiny, tiny bathroom, so it's been halfway replaced with an Ikea model, and by halfway, I mean, the previous sink is in the backyard and the Ikea sink is standing in the middle of the bathroom, if not precisely hooked up to anything. This is, for the cats, a preferred sink position, since it means they can sneak around behind it and sit in the cabinet without being blocked by one of those pesky things humans call doors.

Also, I now know where all of my underwear is. I know, I know. You can just feel the excitement, can't you?

And equally slowly I am opening boxes that have been in storage for more than two years, finding half forgotten things, greatly missed things, and what exactly was I thinking when I bothered to pack that up things. (Goodwill and I are going to be on very close terms for awhile, I can tell.) It's a slow process, mostly because many of the things are going to places not quite ready for them yet -- primarily the not yet transformed garage/storage unit. But we are also waiting for three more bits of furniture, and a few other small things.

As a slight counter to all of these good things, we appear to be the number one destination in Orange County for ice cream trucks. I'm not exactly against ice cream trucks (and I am decidedly in favor of ice cream, because, well, let's face it, it's a food group) aside from, you know, that horrific music they insist on playing, but I am not at all certain why, even in sunny Florida, we need to have three or four visits from ice cream trucks PER DAY, on this street and the street behind us. It's almost enough to make me turn against ice cream.

But not quite. I do have gelato in the freezer, after all, and it does appear to be calling my name right at the moment. I have to go answer. You wouldn't want me to upset the gelato, now, would you?


Jul. 2nd, 2009 10:11 pm
This is an unpaid commercial endorsement for Haagen-Daas's new line of ice cream, Five. The Mint flavour and I have just entered into a serious, long term relationship and I expect an announcement of our marriage any day now. It will, of course, have to be an open marriage, by necessity, because, well, they also have a chocolate flavour. You can all understand this sort of thing, I'm sure.

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