Dec. 19th, 2016 08:33 pm
Also up today, a new poem from me, Ice, up at Strange Horizons.

I advise clicking on the poem after reading it.
Overfilled day of trying to catch up on stuff, but did want to pop in here to mention that my poem, The Restoration of Youth, is up at Strange Horizons today.

I say "poem," but this is actually part of a much, much longer and still unfinished piece. I liked this bit though, and I'm very glad that Strange Horizons chose to start of their 2014 year in poetry with it.

The Loss

Sep. 25th, 2013 10:16 am
My little poem, The Loss, is up at Strange Horizons. Enjoy!

And if you are enjoying Strange Horizons, just a quick note that they are currently holding their annual fundraiser. The closer they get to their final goal, the more extra fiction and poetry readers get. Win-win situation :)
1. Over at, the Georgette Heyer reread continues with Devil's Cub. We're starting to hit more of the really fun books now.

2. Apex Magazine is holding a subscription drive, which includes, if you rush, the chance to get a free Apex ebook, and even if you don't rush, a raffle with some awesome prizes for everyone who subscribes within the next month.

3. And on a related note, Strange Horizons is holding its annual fundraising drive, with yet another assortment of giveaways and prizes.

Full disclosure: I've been published by both Apex and Strange Horizons, and I'm scheduled to appear in Apex again in the fairly near future (watch this space, and of course, watch Apex.) But even if these zines hadn't published me, I'd still urge you to support both -- they focus on just the sort of quality speculative fiction and poetry that we need more of.
1. The latest Heyer post, about her contemporary novel, Helen, a book she later suppressed, is up at Come and speculate about why she suppressed it.

I believe we are switching to an every two weeks schedule for these posts.

2. Just got my author's copies of Shimmer, Issue 15, and whoa, is this is a lovely issue. Available in both print and ebook format.

3. Speaking of book copies, my mother and I popped into the local Barnes and Noble yesterday and found two copies of Future Lovecraft, which contains my poem "Do Not Imagine." Which means 1) only one copy is there now, 2) the publishing world has, astonishingly enough, convinced my mother to purchase something related to Cthulhu, and 3) you just might be able to find additional copies at other Barnes and Noble bookstores.

4. And if for some reason you missed it last week, my poem, Sisters popped up at Strange Horizons. (it does seem to be a sorta poetry filled week, doesn't it?)

5. And on the nothing to do with me stuff, the brilliant Booth at the End, the webseries that asks, what are you willing to do for what you want, that I was happily blathering about last year, is back. One episode in, and I'm completely enthralled and hooked and also realizing that I need to rewatch the first season again (which, since the entire first season only runs for two and a half hours, is easy enough.) And desperately needing the next four episodes. (I was going to be strong and brave and wait for Hulu to put up the whole series, but that didn't work out.) It's up for free at for U.S. viewers.


Jul. 30th, 2012 01:11 pm
Strange Horizons just published my poem, Sisters.

Usually by the time I actually manage to publish a poem I've forgotten why I wrote it in the first place. In this particular case, however, the myth it is loosely based on has haunted me for some time, mostly because of the numbers involved. 50 sisters! All ready to marry at once. 50 sisters! I tried to write a short story focused on one of them, but it flopped, so this is the result instead.


Feb. 16th, 2012 10:39 am
What with various things going on this week, including yesterday's and today's addition of major (and needed) public utility work just across and down the street and about to be just outside the house, I completely missed that my poem Tongueless just went up at Strange Horizons a couple of days ago.

I had more to say about this, but the drilling is making poetic thoughts kinda difficult, so I'll just leave you with: Enjoy!

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