Brilliant puppeteer Jerry Nelson, best known to most of us as Count von Count, but remembered by me as Snuffleupagus, Big Bird's best friend who, during Nelson's run, couldn't be seen by grownups, died yesterday. He also performed many of the characters on The Muppet Show

Thank you for making me laugh so hard, Mr. Nelson, and teaching me how to count.
Thanks to ICFA, golf, ICFA, more golf, and recovering from ICFA and golf, I've been pretty much out of it (and mostly offline) for the last week or so, but not so out of it that I have not been kept abreast of the latest developments in modern culture:

Thanks – I think thanks, anyway – are due to the BBC for recording this in the first place and Eric Gjovaag of the Blog of Oz for directing my attention to it, and also reminding me of a similar glorious moment of human achievement:

to cleanse your ears, as it were.

Or if you really need to cleanse your ears, this clip sent my way by various people. (YouTube won't let me embed that one.) [personal profile] akashiver is right to note that the editing on this, like every other Britain's Got Talent clip, is blatantly manipulative, but...I sniffled. And then headed back to the Muppets.
I'm not sure that there'd be any point to reviewing this movie, since it's less a movie and more an exercise in nostalgia. I grew up with Grover and Kermit on Sesame Street, and then we moved to Italy and I had to lose the Muppets for awhile, and then we came back and the Muppets were on syndication in something even funnier that didn't attempt to teach me about numbers and letters and important life lessons, and a couple of them were throwing fish or blowing things up. I could approve of that.

So I'm the target audience, and with a few missteps here and there (I could have done without Fozzie's shoes, and the major life lesson imparted by this movie is that Chris Cooper should never, ever, ever, and I do mean never, ever, ever, ever ever, rap again; that sequence stunned our multiracial audience into stark horror), it worked for me. Oh, sure, the mania and zaniness has been toned down some, and although the guy during Kermit did a great job with Kermit's voice, Miss Piggy and Fozzie were recognizably....different. Not bad, just...different, and as someone who loved loved loved Grover I must say I wish Frank Oz could come out of retirement for the Muppets. Gonzo, though, is the same puppeteer/voice. All together now...Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

But these are quibbles. Overall, this is a movie with a heart, and a few explosions, and one of the hands down best Nirvana covers ever (I admit it took me a second to recognize the song, but once I did I was rolling.)
The internet reminds me that today would have been the birthday of the late, lamented Jim Henson, the man who brought us pigs singing the Banana Boat song:

Not to mention John Cleese with puppets:

And, of course, the best performance Kenny Rogers ever gave of this particular song:

The marvel isn't just that he made people laugh, but that he's still making people laugh.
In all the terror of the "disclosure" that Bert and Ernie have been not so secretly living in sin all of these years, and will now not be allowed to make honest Muppets of each other, have we all forgotten that Oscar is STILL LIVING IN A GARBAGE CAN? Oh, Sesame Street. Whatever happened to your message of sharing?

But while I'm on the subject, Sesame Street, you do realize that if you are right, and Muppets have no sexual orientation, that whole Miss Piggy and Kermit thing just got a lot more disturbing?¬e_id=​10150290119497855&id=13759741267

(Sorry for the Facebook link; that was the main link I found to Sesame Street's official statement.)
....ANOTHER oil rig explosion in the Gulf?

Also, in case you weren't feeling depressed enough, Hurricane Earl is continuing to barrel along with sustained winds of 140 mph.

Clearly, we are all in severe need of Muppets:

To help celebrate, here are some Muppets, which apparently I can't embed without knowing my YouTube password, which I have determined is not the password that I thought it was, but which I am otherwise blanking on. In looking for that one, I came across this one, which I actually like more, and is, as you shall see, equally appropriate in an explosive kind of way.

May fireworks and utterly awful for you but tasty junk food fill your day.
For some reason YouTube is claiming I haven't signed in, so I can't grab the embed code for this, but Click.


Feb. 9th, 2010 06:07 pm
I think we can all relate to this:

I seem to have gained a permanent hand attachment this morning. Many of you taking a close and scientific look at this hand attachment would probably call it less of a "hand attachment" and more of a "feline creature customarily called a cat," but the point is, I can't seem to get it off my wrist and hands. Possibly because I spent less time than usual at home this weekend and now apparently must make up for my failures by donating the use of my wrist into a heating pad.

But anyway. I have pretty much zilch interest in the VMA awards, so, you know, no particular opinion on the Kanye West whatever one way or another, and I was continuing to ignore them completely until I heard that Lady Gaga showed up to the awards with Kermit the Frog as her date.

This is awesome. This is so awesome that I immediately started to think, out loud, on Twitter, which Muppet I should bring to a major awards show. Besides proving that I should stop thinking out loud, on Twitter or anywhere, this started up a minor Twitter furry with various people making Muppet suggestions. The problem is, you see, that if I bring Animal he would doubtless eat many of the awards, causing people to hate me; if I bring Gonzo he would doubtless bring along his entire chicken harem, which would a) be distracting and b) take up too many seats; if I bring Fozzie I would be subjecting myself to an evening of terrible jokes and sudden sprays of water.

So, looks like so far the real contenders are Robin (Kermit's little nephew, just cause I like him); Beaker (because lord knows the poor Muppet desperately needs a night out from exploding things); and Lew Zealand (because if an awards show needs anything, it's a Muppet willing to throw fish at appropriate moments.) Hmm. This is a very, very tricky choice. Maybe I need to create my own Muppet Whatnot instead.

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