Watch for the very helpful kitten. That kitten is going to grow into a star.
For all of you who can't wait for Les Miserables this Christmas, something to tide you over: brother suggested passing along this one, which admittedly has already gone pretty viral:

The underwater shot is particularly impressive, but I also liked the sea lion.

In this household, one black and white furry creature is alternating between being pressing against me and being adorable and supportive, and wailing because I will not allow him to go play with the squirrels who have temporarily taken residence on the front porch (zipping between the porch and the red maple as we await the next series of storms), and one small grey furry creature has spent an anxious morning trying to decide: sleep in safety, but without a pillow, behind the TV stand/TV where no one can see her, or beneath the great bed where no one can see her or -- or -- does she dare continue recent activities, and sleep in the light of the guest bed, after turning on the water in the bathroom sink and failing to turn it off?

Decisions. Decisions.
Three completely unrelated things for the morning:

1. I don't exactly mean to turn this blog into an advertising vehicle for large corporations, and I know some of you hate the thought of Willie Nelson covering Coldplay songs. But this has some very cute pigs:

(Also I like Chipotle.)

2. H.P. Lovecraft's first day as a substitute teacher at Arkham Junior High School.

3. My thought that central Florida had already moved past its limited winter this year into spring and summer turned out, like most of my weather thoughts, to be flat out wrong. We have ice in the bird bath this morning, and frost on the plants that huddle in the shadows behind the house. Just to comfort those of you in the north convinced that you alone must endure cold.
Ok, I know most of you are probably feeling the holiday music fatigue already, but you have to trust me: this is an excellent rendition of "Carol of the Bells":

H/t Jennifer Brozek.
As Twitter, which I have unrepentantly stolen this link from, said, this wins the internets for the day:

Back when a certain piece of casting was announced, a friend of mine who had not read Game of Thrones grumbled, "Great. Now I know the ending."

This is why. (Spoilery for about 19 films. The full list of films appears here; I have to say I totally forgot the guy was in Patriot Games.)
Edit: Er, let's try that again, since apparently neither the post nor the video managed to get posted:


Or if that doesn't work, this.

As I attempted to say earlier, my mother will not get this; certain people with memories of Christmas Eve 2004 (WHICH WAS NOT MY FAULT!) will shudder; but as far as the rest of you go...enjoy.
Let us be honest. I know absolutely nothing about any of the economic issues and tidbits in the video below. But I am heartily endorsing it anyway. You'll see why:

My mother is insisting that I show all of you this:

(I will point out that sharing this with you all would have gone better had she initially sent me the YouTube link instead of a wmv file which did not feel like uploading.)

But I'm guessing many of you, and particularly the Doctor Who fans, will actually want to see this:

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