Aug. 7th, 2012

1. The latest Heyer post, about her contemporary novel, Helen, a book she later suppressed, is up at Come and speculate about why she suppressed it.

I believe we are switching to an every two weeks schedule for these posts.

2. Just got my author's copies of Shimmer, Issue 15, and whoa, is this is a lovely issue. Available in both print and ebook format.

3. Speaking of book copies, my mother and I popped into the local Barnes and Noble yesterday and found two copies of Future Lovecraft, which contains my poem "Do Not Imagine." Which means 1) only one copy is there now, 2) the publishing world has, astonishingly enough, convinced my mother to purchase something related to Cthulhu, and 3) you just might be able to find additional copies at other Barnes and Noble bookstores.

4. And if for some reason you missed it last week, my poem, Sisters popped up at Strange Horizons. (it does seem to be a sorta poetry filled week, doesn't it?)

5. And on the nothing to do with me stuff, the brilliant Booth at the End, the webseries that asks, what are you willing to do for what you want, that I was happily blathering about last year, is back. One episode in, and I'm completely enthralled and hooked and also realizing that I need to rewatch the first season again (which, since the entire first season only runs for two and a half hours, is easy enough.) And desperately needing the next four episodes. (I was going to be strong and brave and wait for Hulu to put up the whole series, but that didn't work out.) It's up for free at for U.S. viewers.

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