The last of the Freddy the Pig posts, Freddy and the Dragon is up at Bit of an anti-climax to a long and unexpected ride.

Next week, or maybe two weeks: Edward Eager. I'd say more, but I'm feeling kinda wretched, so the more will have to wait a bit.
The latest post, about Freddy and Simon the Dictator is up at

Absolutely none of the previous Freddy books prepared me for this one, much less the thorough dissection of the corruption of the Republican party -- in a 1956 kid's book. Or the rat torture. Read on. I'll go comfort myself with Freddy the Magician.
So today's excitement involved four cops pounding on my door asking for a [name redacted], which was followed by the four cops coming in and searching the house, while calling for backup to search the small house in the back and the back yard.

The whole thing undoubtedly would have gone better for everyone if 1) I had remembered where the hell my state ID was 2) not attempted to replace my ID with a pile of mail one piece of which was addressed to someone else entirely and two pieces of which had the helpful identification of "resident", 3) the Grey One not startled everyone by thumping thump thump to the floor and running away to hide ("What was that?" "Oh, the other cat. Sorry, she's terrified of people." "I think we just have to check.") 4) I could've remembered which of the various keys in the laundry room actually worked for the back house, 5) the Little One not wanted to help, and by "help" he meant, "pick me up and cuddle me" a concept he best gets across by headbutting cops, and 6) Dispatch had not given the cops the entirely wrong address.

Fortunately two of the cops recognized me -- "Still using that electric trike?" -- which was enough to convince them to call Dispatch. Less fortunately the entire thing and trying to find my ID sent me into a pretty bad coughing fit and made me dizzy, which then led to an exciting conversation about calling for an ambulance and the strong suggestion that I should not be driving and I need to be very careful on the trike. After this they took off, to the great distress of the Little One since the cop wasn't petting him anymore. And before people ask, no I have absolutely no idea what all of this was about.

After that it seems kinda an anticlimax to mention that the latest Freddy the Pig post is up at, and that I have found a new love in the Olympics, rhythmic gymnastics, mostly because that doesn't look as if anyone is about to IMMEDIATELY DIE and also does not involve running on broken legs, always a plus. Sure, a bit of an anticlimax, but we aim to keep this blog complete. Kinda.
I forgot to note this on Tuesday, but my post about These Old Shades popped up on Tuesday, and readers are already happily fighting about cross dressing and 18th century attitudes about inherent aristocratic behaviors. Come join in the fun, especially since the next Heyer post is the less fun Helen.

Popping up today is the considerably less controversial post about Freddy the Pilot -- although don't worry. Those posts will be mired in controversy in just a bit. (I snuck ahead and are we going to have fun with Simon the Dictator.

1. So while I was mostly out of it over the last few days, the goblins released the latest issue of Goblin Fruit, which contains my little poem Reversals But that's not important. What's actually important is that, as a special gift to me, the editors INCLUDED VILLANELLES. IN THE PLURAL. Here is C.S.E. Cooney's It Only Takes a Cauldron and a Dash of Thyme, AND ONE WITH A HURRICANE, Melissa Frederick's Hurricane Ophelia (no, really!). The issue has some other remarkable pieces in it as well, so go read it already.

(Mind you, I also sense that this means C.S.E. Cooney is about to outclass all of us again at the next poetry reading, but she just does that sort of thing.)

2. Also while I was out of it Freddy the Pig reread trotted on with chatter about Freddy the Cowboy. I think the next Heyer post should be up tomorrow -- there's been some hiccups in that process, mostly involving me, but I'm hoping we'll be back on an iffy schedule for that one soon.

3. Finally, not about me, but I'm very pleased to announce that the Kickstarter for Clockwork Phoenix 4 managed to get fully funded. Which means that the goals just got a little loftier. If it gets just a bit more money -- say, hitting the $8000 mark -- editor Mike Allen will be able to pay professional rates. So, if you were considering this (and bear in mind that backers get ebooks and particularly generous backers get ebooks AND JEWELRY), consider harder!

(Course, this means I should probably think of actually writing something for this anthology, Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.)
1. The latest post, , Freddy Goes Camping just popped up. The next Georgette Heyer post is a week late because I was very distracted by multiple matters last week, but we should be back on track next week. Maybe.

2. Also popping up: the latest Star Ship Sofa podcast, with the latest installment of Poetry Planet. Included is one of my distinctly, er, sillier poems about fairies going to the moon. The original idea was to write a Very Serious Ghazal that would establish my reputation as a Very Serious Poet capable of working in assorted verse forms. This being me that lasted about five words in.

I'm not sure if I'll be trying the ghazal form ever again, but in the meantime, you can listen to it along with other poems by people such as Geoffrey Landis, David Kopaska-Merkel and David Lunde.

3. And if you missed it over the weekend or in the middle of fireworks, The Agreement, my little ghost story, popped over at Abyss and Apex.

Otherwise....well, I don't have my trike back, and my phone has stubbornly failed to ring all day, even when I've given it Stern Looks. I'm not sure if it's this, or the heat, the loud neighborly fireworks of the past two nights, or just the stuff from last week that has left me listless, but something has. I just want to sleep.
And the latest post is up, about Freddy and Mr. Camphor. Those with issues with patriotic insects should perhaps wait for next week's installment.
Forgive me for crushing all these links together:

1. Over at, the Freddy the Pig reread continues with Freddy and the Perilous Adventure.

As a general note, since was also chatting about the New Yorker versus science fiction yesterday, the Freddy books were written by a New Yorker writer/editor. I think the real question here is why so much of the creative energies of more than one essayist for New Yorker ended up focusing on talking pigs.

2. Also over at, as a follow up to my morning post, DC's new gay character is not, after all, Wonder Woman, but Green Lantern. (Well, ok, one of the Green Lanterns.) I shall now pause to let you get over this not exactly shocking development.

3. Meanwhile, over at Locus, Karen Burnham has very kindly been putting together a series of posts about speculative poetry, in part, I suspect, so I never seize her at a bar and bore her on this topic again. My contribution popped up today.

Much thanks to Karen and others who stepped in to shine a bit more of a spotlight on the really amazing things happening in speculative poetry today. I admit I'm a bit biased here -- but really, guys, I had a horrible problem trying to keep myself down to just ten recommendations, and am kicking myself for not including Bull Spec, Fantastique Unfettered, Not One of Us, and so many more on that list. If I left your favorite zine out, let me know in the comments.
...but I just haven't been in a blogging mood. Again. But a few things I ought to mention:

1) The weekly post, about the next book in the Freddy series, The Story of Freginald, has popped up on

2) And as long as I'm chatting about, also appearing on the site today is a preview of the cover for A Memory of Light, the last of the Wheel of Time books The double decade tradition of "And this is showing us what, exactly" continues apace!

3) My contributor's copy of The Baum Bugle also arrived today, along with the notice that The Baum Bugle is looking for a new editor. That editor will not be me, nor will I have any involvement in the hiring process, but if you are interested in Oz and editing stuff, I have the contact info.

4) After giving us one final delightful taste of coolness in April, the summer heat appears to be marching in, alas without the summer rain. Sigh.
1) It's my mother's birthday today! She's just turned 29. Or so she says. Since she's the mother of a science fiction author, I think we can go with that, can't we?

2) The latest Freddy the Pig entry is up at This one covers Freddy the Detective, which was a really fun book. But you may not be able to read it, because...

3) Also today, released a small sample of the very last Wheel of Time book, in an attempt to reassure those of us skeptical that we will ever see the end of this series that it really, really, really is coming. Not for months, but still. Naturally this caused the website to crash earlier, so you may experience problems getting to my post.

4) Adding pear-infused balsamic vinegar to a mozzarella and tomato salad is an excellent idea. I just thought you should know.
1. I meant to post links to these two things earlier, but forgot: H.P. Lovecraft answers your relationship questions (from lots of people around the internet) and the various problems that pop up when you live in a secondary world and have unexpected access to Twitter.

2. The Freddy the Pig reread continues with Freddy Goes to the North Pole, which didn't have alligators, which made me sad.

In a related note the library and I managed to simultaneously mess up my ordering of these books, so I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to be able to read them in order after all. Erk. Oh well.
The great and long awaited (well, maybe not that great or long awaited) Freddy the Pig reread is a go! Also, if you missed it, and you might have since I didn't mention it here, earlier printed my response to an essay in the Atlantic which in turn was a response to an essay in the New York Times which in turn was a response to the Hunger Games which in turn was a response to a lot of things. We're a responsive bunch.

However I may also be a quiet bunch today -- a bit tuckered out from yesterday's trip to SeaWorld and a bit headachy already after the fun of loud power drills across the street this morning as the city continues to work on the issues of getting us water and taking it away, along with a few other nagging issues. Then again, the drills seem to have temporarily quieted. Maybe this means they will go away. Let's hope.

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