The story of the Pied Piper, in all its versions, has always haunted me.

Here's a little poem about it:

Hamelin, A Remnant.


Aug. 27th, 2015 09:08 am
Issue 7 of Through the Gate is up! It includes my little poem, Kore, as well as work by Lev Mirov, Selena Bulfinch, and one of my favorite contemporary poets, Sonya Taaffe.



Oct. 20th, 2014 08:45 am
I woke up to the news that a new issue of Through the Gate Through the Gate is out, containing my little poem, Myrrha.

It's no secret that I love this little zine, which on every irregular appearance shines like a jewel. I highly recommend checking everything out here, which includes poems by Sonya Taaffe, Rose Lemberg, Michele Bannister, Brittany Warman and Jack Hollis Marr.
So, while I was at Worldcon and recovering, various things happened, like, publications!

1. First, over at, the Heyer reread continued with Sylvester, or the Wicked Uncle and the Chronicles of Prydain reread got going with The Book of Three. To answer the third most popular question that I was asked at Worldcon, yes, I will be covering the Westmark and Vesper Holly series, although there may be a small interruption midway through the reread for a different series (the timing, as always, is based on Tor stuff, not me.)

Sidenote: it was pretty gratifying to hear at Worldcon how many people are enjoying the Heyer posts, largely because those feel like complete indulgences on my part. But one of the first new people I met had been reading them and had Things to Say! We bonded over hating Bath Tangle. It's a good bond.

2. The fourth issue of Through the Gate went up, containing my tiny little poem Mountain. The issue also has a prose poem by Sonya Taaffe called Mari Mild which has nothing to do with me, but I loved the title so I am noting it here. Check out the rest of the issue while you're there (assuming the word "poetry" hasn't made you flee); it's really excellent.

3. And if you haven't subscribed to Daily Science Fiction yet, you still have a few days before my next little set of short stories for them (technically, one story subdivided into three separate flash stories), called "Gifts" pops up in your inbox later this month.
The inaugural issue of Through the Gate has just been published, led off by my poem, Rahab. It also contains poems by several other marvelous poets, including Rose Lemberg, Sonya Taaffe, Michele Bannister, Adrienne Odasso and many more.

I'm extremely pleased to be part of the launch of this (and kinda stunned that my poem started things off...that I wasn't expecting.) If you need some myth and magic in your day today, given in words dripping with beauty, this would be where to start.

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